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You can’t effectively manage your business if you aren’t looking at the numbers. Financial statements and the accounting information they contain provide a consolidated view of your business’s financial performance over a period of time.

The information gathered from financial statements can be used for a variety of purposes both internally by shareholders and management, as well as externally such as tax agencies and lenders. Roberts & Company can assist you in determining if a compilation or review engagement meets your needs.

Why Choose Roberts & Company

Compilation Financial Statements

Compilation engagements are commonly required by our clients and are often performed in conjunction with a year-end tax return. They do not provide any assurance to the users and are generally prepared for internal use. We work with our clients to ensure we are preparing financial statements that are useful and meaningful.

Review Engagements

Review engagement financial statements are often necessary due to a bank requirement to obtain and maintain financing. Due to the expanded number of users of these financial statements, many considerations must be taken into account in preparing them. Our experience with review engagements enables us to help our clients provide financial statements that are useful to the users and comply with accounting principles.

Let’s Build a Relationship Together

Financial statements are what we do. Helping clients understand their meaning and importance is an everyday service for us. Contact a Roberts & Company professional to find out how we can help.

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